Recycle Cans

14 Jun

How many times have you been driving along and seen aluminum cans on the side of the road?

Did you ever stop and think that you could make money from them?  Why not help your community and make some money.

You could organize a community clean up day and collect the aluminum cans for yourself and sell the to a recycler.

This would be a win-win for both parties involved since not only will you be looked at as a community leader but you will be helping yourself financially.

If  you live in Michigan you really hot the motherload since they pay the highest rate in the nation at 10 cents/can.

Many other states pay 5 cents/can so you can make some decent money from selling aluminum cans.

Why not get out there on the next nice day and help yourself and the community.

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Metal Detecting

14 Jun

Have you ever gone to the beach and watched someone scanning the beach with a metal detector?

It is a pretty common site and there is a reason why so many people do it, it can be profitable.

Think about when your at the beach, you have water and sand all over which are perfect lubricants for jewelery and many people lose their rings and such for just this reason.

In addition to beaches there are many old sites that have the potential to turn up valuables like coins, rings, and other old items.

Most people think you need to spend $1,000’s to buy a metal detector and in the past that may have been the case.

Today outstanding metal detectors can be bought for $200 and not just basic ones, these same metal detectors not only search deeper but they tell you what type of coin, metal, etc before digging it up.

This can be a fun and cheap hobby for the entire family and better yet you may make some money doing it.

There have been several instances of people finding million dollar discoveries from the use of a metal detector.

Why not have the potential to make some money from a fun hobby.  If your looking to learn more about metal detecting take a look at this book.

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Websites As Gifts

15 Feb

Many people make websites to make money but few ever thing about making them for the sole purpose of giving them as gifts.

Not only is it a low cost gift at $10 for the domain name but it is a gift that keeps on giving.

Think about this, how many times do you get gifts that you either don’t use of don’t like?

If your like most people many of the gifts you get fit into this category but a gift that makes people money would be greatly appreciated.

If you  already know how to make a website and add monetizing affiliates your good to go but what if you don’t know how to set a site up?

You can get this e-book which tells you all the basics form buying the domain name to monetizing it and making money.

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