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27 Jun

Having heard so much information and buzz about the Iphone and now the Ipad I was wondering how I could capetalize on this trend.

After researching that there were quite a few people having apps developed and making a ton of money from them I decided to research more in depth last year.

At the time I though that this wouldn’t work for me since I didn’t know how to make an app so I gave up on the ideas until I read this book.

Not only does this book tell you how to get an iphone app made cheap but it tells you where to go to get them developed.

Without this book there is no way I would have ever threw my hat into the app game. Now I have 1 Iphone app almost completed with another on the way.

I put in a job proposal on and soon have several bids for my app. I settled on a $450 bid since the app developer had exeprience with a fellow website entrepenuer and great references.

I figure in a worse case scenario if I don’t get my $450 back from downloads I can always sell the app to another app investor.

So I will wait and see a few months after my app is in the I-tunes store to see if its a success or not and then go to plan b, sell it to another app investor, to get my money out.

If anything it will be a good learning experience and you never know it is always possible that it could be a big hit. In any case, if your looking to spend only a couple of $100’s like me I suggest you take a look at How To Create IPhone Apps With No Programming Experience.

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