Gold Panning

16 Jun

How would you like to find free gold? Most people don’t realize that gold can be found in almost any region.

Gold often erodes out of river banks and collects in areas where it gets stuck or lays at the bottom of the river.

So how do you find this gold?  Locate a small river, creek, or other body of water and locate the bends in the river.

These twists or bends in the water are where gold would collect if it has been displaced from the surrounding dirt since it settles there.

So all you really need to do is take a metal pan(round) and head down to these areas of the river and start panning.

You simply dip your pan into the gravel sentiment at these bends in the river and let the water seperate the light sentiment from the heavier sentiment.

If you see a dark colored heavy gravel your in the right spot for finding gold since gold is often found with this heavier sentiment.

Keep panning the sentiment until you start to see specks of gold.  Much of the gold you find will be the smaller gold flakes but it is possible to find large chunks.

Good Luck!

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