Writing for Cash

14 Jun

There are tons of writing websites that will pay you to write short 250-500 word articles, the problem is finding the best paying sites.

When I first started to try and make a full time income online I chose to write articles and learned quite a bit from that experience.

I found only a few writing sites were actually worth my time including:

1. Associated Content – This site pays up front(if approved) and monthly(by page views).  The up front payments tend to be from $2-$10/article and the monthly income is rather small.  I mostly focused on the up front payments.

2. Hubpages – Although you don’t get paid directly from the site they allow you to place affiliate links within your articles.  Amazon, Ebay, and Adsense are all allowed to have in your articles.  This is a great way to make passive income.

3. Constant-Content – This site is my favorite as once you write your articles you can name your own price to sell the to buyers and best of all you can sell the same article many times.  Prices that authors tend to set their article are from $15-$40.

This mix is a great way to make money since they all make money in different ways.

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