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P2P Loans

19 Jun

I am always looking for new ways to make money from investing and peer to peer investing fits that type to a tee.

What are P2P loans? They are loans that pay a higher interest rate to investors and have easier qualifications for the borrower.

This types of individual loans are not for the risk averse but you do get to select the individual you want to make a small loans too.

The to most popular P2P websites are Lending Club and Proper. Both of these sites allow loans as small as $50 which when pooled together with other investors allow an individuals loan to be funded.

What I like about this is that you minimize your risk by spreading out your loans to multiple borrowers.

Along with this diversification you also get higher than normal interest rates with your loans, some as high as 25% for riskier loans.

If your looking to make more money without all the risk normally associated with personal loans take a look at both of these websites.

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