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18 Jun

Survey sites have a bad reputation due to the many that exist in one form or another as a scam.

The bad surveys sites will pay you in points, prizes, or not at all.  Why invest your time taking surveys when you are not getting paid in cash?

There are a good number of survey sites that offer cash as compensation.  So how can you seperate the legitamite from the scammers?

Follow my lead since I have experience with all of the following survey sites and have been paid many times by each.

1. Survey Savvy – One of the best survey sites that exists since they have no minimum pay outs, plenty of well paying surveys, and have an excellent referral program.

Their surveys range from a few dollars to more than $20 each.  The important thing is to take them as soon as you get the surveys since they have a limited number of spots open.

Once their quota is met the survey ends.  In addition to paying well their referral program is the best.

They not only pay you for all your first level referrals but when you referrals refer someone you get a portion of their earnings for life.

Along with this surveys sites I have made a free e-book on the other 9 I believe are the best.

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