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$1,000 Houses

07 Nov

Do you think you can buy a single family home for $1,000? You can and the only catch is the area, Detroit, however if you can deal with the high property taxes and crime you can own your house for less than most peoples monthly mortgage payment.

The house above was bought by me for $1,100 and it is a 4BR/2BA/Double Lot home. Sure it needs some work including paint, carpet, siding, and some appliances but I can then owner finance it for $500/month to someone who has bad credit but needs a home.

Of course, there is more to this than that but the basics are correct and the $500/month scenario I have achieved several times before so I know it’s possible. If your looking to buy a cheap home to live in or looking to invest in property please take a look at my website

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Arrowhead Collecting

18 Jun

If your looking for a way to make money in rural areas looking for indian artifacts is a great way.

Any plowed field is a potential hot spot and money making opportunity if you know what to look for.
You don’t need a lot of experience to find arrowheads, all you need is some time, patience, and a good eye.

The best time to look for arrowheads is during or after a heavy rain storm since it not only uncovers the artifacts from the dirt from the artifacts.

The rain also makes the artifact material easy to see since the colors are brighter than the surrounding dirt.

You should also look for high areas in the plowed field near a stream or spring since the indians camped near these areas.

Most arrowheads sell for a few dollars to $50 but you also have the potential to find older or rarer types that sell for several $1,000.

If your looking for more in depth information on finding arrowheads take a look at Arrowheads & Stone Artifacts: A Practical Guide for the Amateur Archaeologist

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Gold Panning

16 Jun

How would you like to find free gold? Most people don’t realize that gold can be found in almost any region.

Gold often erodes out of river banks and collects in areas where it gets stuck or lays at the bottom of the river.

So how do you find this gold?  Locate a small river, creek, or other body of water and locate the bends in the river.

These twists or bends in the water are where gold would collect if it has been displaced from the surrounding dirt since it settles there.

So all you really need to do is take a metal pan(round) and head down to these areas of the river and start panning.

You simply dip your pan into the gravel sentiment at these bends in the river and let the water seperate the light sentiment from the heavier sentiment.

If you see a dark colored heavy gravel your in the right spot for finding gold since gold is often found with this heavier sentiment.

Keep panning the sentiment until you start to see specks of gold.  Much of the gold you find will be the smaller gold flakes but it is possible to find large chunks.

Good Luck!

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Tax Liens

14 Jun

Real Estate investing has many ways to make money but few allow you to make the kind of money that buying tax liens can.

What exactly is a tax lien? When a homeowner does not pay their property taxes on time a lien is placed on their home.

Once the tax lien is placed on their home one of two things can happen:

1. The homeowner pays off the tax lien in full and the lien is taken off the title of the home or

2. The homeowner fails to pay off the tax lien and the lien is sold to an outside investor for whatever is owed.

#2 is where you step in as an investor to buy the tax lien and hopefully profit substantially from your investment.

The homeowner then has a limited period of time to pay off the tax lien to you the investor with interest or face losing their home.

So in a worst case scenario for you the investor you will get back all your investment with significant interest from the homeowner or

Hit a home run by getting the title to the house if the homeowner defaults on their tax lien.

So here are the numbers: Most tax liens can be bought for a few $1,000 or less and have the potential through the homeowner defaulting to get the entire home.

Many times a tax lien that you paid only a $1,000 or so for can get you a home worth many $100,000.

I know of no other type of real estate investment that can net any type of comparable return to tax liens.

This is exactly why you should get to understand the nuts and bolts of tax lien investing which you can get here.

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Metal Detecting

14 Jun

Have you ever gone to the beach and watched someone scanning the beach with a metal detector?

It is a pretty common site and there is a reason why so many people do it, it can be profitable.

Think about when your at the beach, you have water and sand all over which are perfect lubricants for jewelery and many people lose their rings and such for just this reason.

In addition to beaches there are many old sites that have the potential to turn up valuables like coins, rings, and other old items.

Most people think you need to spend $1,000’s to buy a metal detector and in the past that may have been the case.

Today outstanding metal detectors can be bought for $200 and not just basic ones, these same metal detectors not only search deeper but they tell you what type of coin, metal, etc before digging it up.

This can be a fun and cheap hobby for the entire family and better yet you may make some money doing it.

There have been several instances of people finding million dollar discoveries from the use of a metal detector.

Why not have the potential to make some money from a fun hobby.  If your looking to learn more about metal detecting take a look at this book.

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